Benefits of personal training in boosting your skill

Personal coaching is a standard for individual sports, such as singles tennis, marathons, and even chess. However, this method of teaching is also useful for team sports athletes as well.

by Treiner

Posted 4 years ago

Benefits of personal training in boosting your skill

Having a personal trainer

In contrast to team training, the duration of personal soccer training can vary from under an hour to well past a few hours. Since you have the benefit of having your coach’s full attention, you’ll be able to focus on your own strengths and weaknesses to improve and develop.

In this article, we will share four ways on how having personal training can boost your soccer skills:

1. A better introduction to soccer

One of the most practical reasons for a one-on-one coaching method is introducing someone to the game. People who are new to a sport will have different learning curves when it comes to learning the fundamentals of the rules, techniques, and play styles required. The best way to build confidence in a player is to have a comfortable environment in learning the basics,

Having a personal trainer to guide you in your first steps will make it easier to understand the basics of a sport through an expert’s eyes. It also will also allow you to take as much time as you need to overcome your personal weaknesses.

2. An advantage in advanced drills

For players who are already more experienced in the sport, having a personal soccer coach can help in bringing their skills to the next level. A personalized session is an excellent way to learn and refine techniques that a player is having difficulty with.

Core principles of the sport, such as ball mastery, turning techniques, and ball striking, will be more focused on the individual player. Practicing the basics is the key to keeping one’s competitive edge amongst teammates and against opponents.

3. A greater time in exploring one’s role

Soccer is a team sport, which means that it requires the development of individual and team skills to win a match. In exercises, unfortunately, not all players get the same time in handling the ball. Although this helps in developing essential team play skills, such as communication and spatial awareness, it doesn’t do much in increasing their mastery of ball-handling techniques.

By having a personal trainer to teach you, you’ll be able to improve the mastery of your role. Whether you’re a midfielder or a forward, receiving exercises and drills that are tailored to your technique, speed, flexibility, and power depending on your position will be best for you.

4. An increased focus on your individual skill

One underrated advantage that personal training provides to a player is an increase in confidence. Team sports, such as soccer, require both physical and mental fortitude. Confidence also plays a crucial role in whether a player can outmatch the opposite team.

One-on-one soccer training is an essential step in gauging one’s individual skill without the aid of teammates to depend on. This type of training gives more confidence to the player as they’ll be empowered to devise their own strategies and techniques in handling one-on-one situations where they’ll need to outwit their opponents.


In any team sport, it’s essential to pay attention to both team and individual skillsets. The key to becoming an effective team player on the field is improving your collaborative techniques while improving individual skill as well.

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