4 ways for football players to develop better stamina during recovery

Unfortunately, not many football players think about stamina when trying to improve in their sport.

by Treiner

Posted 4 years ago

4 ways for football players to develop better stamina during recovery

Passing, dribbling, striking, and listening to their football coach’s calls are already more than enough to focus on! Even the most agile football player with plenty of tricks up their sleeves are of little value to their teams if they only manage to last ten minutes without getting subbed out because they’re too tired to play. When you are training, not only should you focus on dribbling, passing, and the like, but you should also be working on your stamina!

Training on the field is important, but you can train your stamina during recovery periods as well. Trying to improve your football-playing stamina off the field? Here are a few ways to do so:

1. Stretch every day

As you very likely know, stretching helps ensure that your muscles are ready for the strain on the field. This warms up the muscles and reduces the risk of any injuries from playing.

While stretching itself will not build any stamina for you, it will undoubtedly help you stay up and running for more extended periods on the field. Plus, a good stretch often helps you feel more energetic and ready to play!

Remember to stretch your legs every day. That way, your legs are ready to perform at its maximum potential with minimal risk of getting hurt. Of course, you should stretch your upper body and core muscles too.

2. Start a healthy diet

Just like stretches, your food will not necessarily help you build your stamina. It does play a crucial role in your endurance though because since food is fuel, it affects the speed at which your stamina is gained!

While any food out there is going to give you some strength, not all will provide you with constant energy. A sugar or caffeine high will only take you so far! Complex carbohydrates, proper protein, and healthy fats are crucial for endurance and will help you develop stamina in the long run.

3. Rest for a sufficient period of time each night

Sleep is vital to everyone, footballer or not. In fact, without proper sleep, all the hard work you put into stamina-training is going to be for nothing. That is because, without enough hours, your body will not recover and grow stronger from all that training.

If you are serious with stamina building, make sure you rest enough each night. Seven to eight hours of sleep is a good target.

4. Get some exercise in

Now, to build stamina, you will need to exercise off-field. One of the exercises you are going to participate in is known as cardiovascular exercises. Cardio is the best way to build your stamina when coupled with proper recovery techniques. Plus, with so many different types of exercises for cardio, you won’t get bored!

The classic form of cardio is running on a treadmill or on a track. If you aren’t a fan of running, you can go swimming, do HIIT, or even train football drills for longer periods of time.

Exercises that will get your heart pumping and lungs working for longer periods are all forms of cardio. If you’re looking for a surefire activity that will directly transfer to your football skills, though, try the endurance sprint.


To reiterate the importance of stamina training, you are never going to outrun or outplay your opponents in football without good stamina. In other words, without endurance, you will never become a great football player. So, put this in mind the next time you go training. Know that while it is still important to train your dribbling, passing, and striking, it is just as important to train your body to allow you to contribute to the team for the duration of the match.

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