Private Soccer Coaching in New South Wales

How Australia & New Zealand’s premier online soccer coaching platform can make a difference to your training experience.

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Posted 3 years ago

Private Soccer Coaching in New South Wales

New South Wales (NSW) always ranks as a prominent sporting state of Australia with a rich cultural history of both football & rugby, since football was established in the Hunter Valley region at the start of last century.

Soccer hasn't grown as much as some of the other football codes in the state in popularity fan-wise but despite this has grown to the largest sport in the state in terms of participation numbers. NSW remains the home of Australian soccer with the FFA headquartered in Sydney. The city also boasts some infrastructural marvels with the likes of the ANZ Stadium, the Bankwest Stadium & the Netstrata Jubilee Stadium.

Recent trends also point to the gradual rise of soccer in NSW. At present, the sport can lay claim to having over 350,000 registered soccer players & over 21,000 registered coaches. The elite talent pool is segregated over four divisions of the NPL for men & two divisions for women, in addition to multiple youth level competitions. With approximately 70 associations comprising over 900 clubs, NSW also possesses a vast network of social soccer which makes the sport easily accessible to the local community.

While there is no debating that soccer in NSW is gaining a reputation as a prominent social & professional sport, there are still certain obstacles that hinder the overall potential for its growth.


The cost barrier is one that is often brought up in conversations relating to participation in soccer. On an average, NPL “elite” pathway soccer players have to shell out an estimated $2,200 as part of the registration process, while the fee for amateur players looking to play soccer socially ranges between $200 to $300.

In addition to this, the pathway for players seeking to make it to the elite levels is extremely competitive. On an average, out of 230,000 registered players in NSW, only 12,000 manage to make the step up to elite levels of competition. This could be put down to a range of factors, with easy access to proper coaching & training sessions being a major driving force behind players’ motivation to participate in the sport.

To illustrate this point, we could use 1-on-1 training resources as an example. 1-on-1 training is a highly underrated form of coaching used by players to improve their skills & conditioning while attempting to gain a personal insight into improving their overall game. A young soccer player seeking to make it to the elite levels of the sport in NSW has very few visible options in this regard.

The ‘skill acquisition program’ instilled by Football NSW provides 1-on-1 training cycles but this is only offered to players between the ages of 9 to 13 years, this only focuses on the 1on1 skill component, but not actually training in a 1on1 situation with a coach. While it is a great tool to introduce youngsters to the sport & fast track their development, the benefit of 1-on-1 training is applicable to players of any age group. On the face of the current setup, there is little evidence to show that players can gain access to such personalized training sessions on their own, unless they are regular members of a soccer club.


Treiner’s product offering would be perfect to fit the missing pieces of the puzzle when it comes to soccer in NSW. With a wide range of certified coaches & a variety of training programmes, Treiner provides any enthusiastic soccer player with the opportunity to take their game to the next level.

Presently, players can choose from dozens of coaches across NSW to access the personal attention they seek for improving their soccer skills. The coaches are highly flexible when it comes to training locations & offer specialized training at affordable rates. This allows players to gain the personal exposure they seek at their own situational & economic comfort.

What makes Treiner such an attractive proposition is how easy it is to use & gain access to soccer coaching. The online interface provides an elaborate, yet transparent, breakdown of what coaches & training methods are on offer with a full description for each coach, their experience level & their coaching approach. At the simple click of a button or tap of a fingertip, players of all age groups & experience levels can obtain the exact form of soccer training they require.

Irrespective of skill, position or physical ability, players can receive a private insight into their own game, at their own pace & comfort level. Be it 1-on-1 training, team-based training, speed drills, plyometrics, injury rehabilitation, power enhancement, conditioning exercises or any other aspect of the sport that an individual wants to develop, Treiner is the one-stop shop for all your training requirements.

The greatest asset that Treiner provides is developing that close connection between a player & a coach. Every player seeking to make it to the elite levels of a sport relies on a coach that is able to offer insight & advice that is specific to his/her game or ability. A coach who understands you is one who is best suited to guide you. Treiner can help build this connection for any aspiring soccer player to motivate them to pursue their passion for soccer.

The love we share for this game is what drives & unites us to participate in the sport. Soccer in NSW has done remarkably well to inculcate this passion & enhance participation levels, both socially & at elite levels. Treiner in NSW would be the ideal addition to the existing infrastructure of soccer participation by connecting coaches & players alike, making the sport accessible to all as it should be.

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