Isaac Doggale

Isaac Doggale

$40 - $50 per hour

Highest Qualification None
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Age Groups Coached 6-9 years, 9-12 years
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Isaac Doggale

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While I’m looking to coach young kids, ill have goals and targets to always set, wether it’s before or after sessions, as a footballer and passion for the game, being a coach as well, we’ll be an icing on the cake as I always wanted to base my career and life around football,

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My coaching style? I’ll love to have the young kids learn more ball work base drills, but also teaching them not just on the pitch but off the pitch as well for example, respecting your coach, time management is crucial, discipline, as I got older I started to understand and it’s good to pass it on to the next generation

Well I’ve been playing soccer in Australian for team I started when I was young Hampton park United(2009)
My final season in 2021 was with Dandenong thunder(npl) now I’ve moved to state 1 seniors, looking to one day get back to npl1 football sometime

An average training session for me will be getting the athlete to warm up and stretch to prevent any injuries,
Cones, ladders, hurdles, etc lots of ball work drills, I would also like to know what areas the athlete is looking to improve on, strength and weaknesses as well. Having fun sessions that’s enjoyable but hard work at the same time