Manley Barnett

Manley Barnett

$60 - $70 per hour

Highest Qualification C Licence
Years Coaching 2
Age Groups Coached 6-9 years, 9-12 years, 12-15 years
Checked & Approved
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Manley Barnett

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Coaching gives me the opportunity to give back my knowledge of the skills and mentality needed to make it to a professional level and teach these to the next generation. As I’m a younger coach I love connecting better with the players to give them a realistic role model of what it takes to make it as a professional. I’m also motivated because I see so many one-on-one coaches who teach players pointless drills and lack actual knowledge because they haven’t played then game. I want to provide kids a much higher quality session for a cheaper price.

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I treat the basics with upmost importance first, especially at younger ages, and depending on skill level and awareness of the game, I like focusing on specific positioning training which could include a long conversation talking about what it takes to play as a CB, body positioning, how to mark strikers etc. then creating drills to practice these making it realistic and relevant. I like to think I have the mindset of the old AIS generation of coaches under Ron Smith who produced some amazing technical Australian players, as opposed to the new Dutch philosophy which I am firmly against as it misses so many crucial areas of development such as set pieces, heading, finishing and art of defending. Repetition is key. Players will learn team principles in training, but I want to give players one-on-one advice and training in relevant skills that I’ve found in my career that we’re really important in moving to the next level. I could talk and train for hours with one player to help them.

I’ve spent my entire junior career U5-U15 at WT Birkalla in SA. Through this time I was apart of the FFSA State Development Squads in U13 & U14 under Richie Alagich and Elvis Markov. I then jumped to U18 at West Adelaide and after 2 years I debuted at 17 for the senior team and became a regular. I then moved to Adelaide Olympic in 2018 and then Central Coast Mariners Youth Team in September 2018. I left in June 2019 due to injury which was a devastating blow in my pursuit of becoming a professional footballer. Now I am at Adelaide Comets in 2020.

My coaching experience started in 2018 the Central Coast where I primarily coached the U10 Central Coast Mariners but also helped coach from U8-U12s. Here I gained my FFA Skills and Acquisition certificate and also a FFA Senior and Youth C License. I’ve also coached in private academies with former Central Coast player Josh Rose & Adam Kwasnik. Currently I am coaching the U10 team at Adelaide Comets. Love coaching older players. 8-18yo.

Flexible with session times. I prefer longer sessions which allows much more coaching time. Start with proper static and dynamic warmup, then move into basic skill fundamentals which will vary per session, e.g. could be working on touch, passing, dribbling, heading, but all is in short distances. Then progress into more technique development which might be variations of passing, contested heading, jockeying, crossing, shooting whatever it may be. Through the sessions depending on time I like to incorporate agility, speed and fitness components through different sessions in the week as I don’t want to miss any physical aspect. End of sessions can involve strength work working on core, upper and lower body, with/without weights, all depending on age. My sessions are more based on what the player needs and not just a template structure I have in mind. I could talk a lot in showing technique or just do lots of repetition stuff depending on what’s needed. I’ll have cones, balls etc.