Four Things to Focus on for Strikers

If you are a football trainer who wants to improve their game or a regular athlete who wants to be a better striker, here are some guidelines that might help you. By the time you finish this article, you will probably know how to create proper, successful strikes.


As a striker, this is a key area where you need absolute focus. Unless you shoot, never get to score. To work in this department, make sure your body's weight is on the ball. That is because every time you lean back, the ball will fly above your head resulting in a miss. You can practice this by standing by striking the football with complete power. Set your aim for the bottom corner. When you finally get control, follow it with a low yet solid strike. Your practice sessions will work better when there's a goalkeeper in place.


Good movement is yet another area you should focus on as a striker. Be intelligent while running. Stay onside and run by the defensive line and wait for the pass to play. You can also attack the midfield in a bid to disrupt the defense of your opponents.


If you're looking to be a successful striker, this is another vital skill you need to hone. Almost all competent strikers can effectively make a score by using their heads. While practicing, you might get great crosses from wide midfielders. This is especially true in a competitive game. At this point, if you cannot strike with your head, you will end up wasting some great chances.

Creating Your Comfort Zone

To be a successful striker, it is imperative to have control over the ball. Similarly, you should also be comfortable handling the ball. This trait alone will ascertain if you can truly strike well. When you are comfortable with your ball, chances of losing possession will be rare. This will also allow you to ease pressure from other players. A great tip here is to face your defender. This way, he cannot nip the ball. Additionally, you should also have complete clarity about the surroundings. You should know everyone around you. This can be a teammate or an opponent. Either way, you need to be aware.

Bottom Line

Once you follow these guidelines, you’re a step closer to being an efficient striker! Just focus on your goal and maintain consistency in your shooting and movement for best results.


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