Let’s see through football from our very own coaches’ point of view.



Christopher Lim

VIC, Australia

My coaching philosophy is simple and effective. I truly believe that a coach can only give an athlete the tools to be successful, however how those tools and talents are used is completely up to the athlete. On the other hand, what I also believe in is that you reap what you sow, therefore in all of my coaching sessions and training I strive to put in 110 percent effort to make the session as worthwhile and beneficial to the athlete as possible, this is because everything should be done with excellence or it should not be done at all. Lastly I also understand that in order to be successful, it is not only the physical battle which needs to be won but also the mental one which puts an enormous amount of stress on an individual. This is also another reason why I attempt to always care for and treat each and every athlete as I would my family.

Parth Kulkarni

VIC, Australia

I am a strategic and critical thinker as it relates to the development of a football vision. I am a strong communicator with an articulate and convincing manner, who listens with a balanced approach which enables me to relate well to my players and other professionals. I have the ability to inspire and unite my players which promotes a strong bonded team. I understand the importance of detail as it is relevant to the process of preparation is a key factor in establishing standards within an organisation.


Fares Alhakim

NSW, Australia

In my training session, my focus is the player and helping them with skills they struggle with. As a I am a conditioning coach too, I make sure players build a firm conditioning and gain speed and strength with flexibility and mobility to serve them on the pitch especially if they are aiming to play at high level. Last and most important, I give priority to tactical training and get the players to understand their position role and understand FOOTBALL.


Daniel Graystone

VIC, Australia

An experienced football coach with a proven track record of success in men's senior coaching, management and youth development. An enthusiastic, motivated and ambitious individual with excellent man management, organisational and communication skills. An experienced leader with a results focused coaching philosophy underpinned by strategy and tactical analysis. Qualified to AFC A Licence and will become one of the youngest coaches in Asia to hold the AFC Pro Licence in 2019. Successful work experience in business management, sales, account management and product development both inside and outside the professional game offering unique skill sets including an extremely high work ethic, an ability to manage and motivate individuals, conflict resolution and more.


Pete Nowakowski

NSW, Australia

My vision is light, bright, and clear - allowing my.philosophy to develop and evolve over time. I believe in enabling people to become the best versions of themselves in a high performance environment. My experiences in football, my desire to learn, and ecological approach to coaching, creates an appetite for success. Working together as a teacher an as an elite football coach means I have developed excellent communication skills, and evaluative tools to ensure learning and growth is always taking place. When coaching a team or an individual, I believe in starting with the end in mind - preparing for long term success whilst achieving short term goals. I believe in order to achieve excellence, we need to have an ecological learning environment where people are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them - prioritising decision making in a number of settings.


Doug Hesketh

WA, Australia

My philosophy to coaching is simple, I will educate and condition you as a player in the game using my knowledge and experience to allow you to maximize your full potential. \" If you want to Improve your game I can assist you \". I played the game all my life and in different countries around the world. My full time working life has involved strategic planning and maintenance , I have 2 technical trades a management diploma. So my approach to teaching the game now is very much results driven. In 2014 I launched my soccer app which is a great tool for Coaches/Players/Scouts and Parents. Links for you to download available on my website heskstat.com more background on my career and achievements is also there plus professional endorsements feel free to check.


Frank Compton

TAS, Australia

When coaching individuals, I like to converse with the player and parent (if necessary) to determine what the player is looking for from their session/s. I'll then determine an appropriate plan, adapting it after the first session to suit the players style, fitness and motivation as observed. For groups, I will set a plan in place dependent on the group. If fun based, I will use lots of stimulating drills that will help maintain young players attentions. If working with a team I will discuss with the coach/contact from the group what is currently lacking (tactically or skill/technique based) so that I can help the group improve in the required areas. In both individual and group sessions I have fair expectations. If players are willing to listen and be punctual, I\'ll be happy to give them as much assistance as I can to develop them as footballers.


Tarun Grover

QLD, Australia

I promise positive communication to the players and also the parents. Before playing any game or sport, rules are the top most priority and I will make sure that the players fully understand the rules for a safe and fun environment to play. After joining Titans Rampage FC, I was able to learn where I was lacking. I lacked quite a few skills as I was self taught and I had no one to guide me. As a coach, I will guide my players towards what they want to be as a soccer player. I am hardworking when it comes to maintaining my body for the game, and I can guide my players down that path as well. I can help them understand that they should try to win the battle on every play even though they might not be recognized for their efforts.


Greg Corbette

QLD, Australia

Place the well-being, safety and enjoyment of each player above everything, including winning. Explain exactly what I expect of players and what they can expect from me. • Develop mutual trust and respect with all players to build their self-esteem. Ensure all activities I organize are appropriate for the players\' ability level, experience, age and maturity. Teach players to act fairly and respect the rules, referees and our opponents.


Ahmed Jalloh

ACT, Australia

I believe in creating a training and learning community and culture that celebrates hard work and effort. Football is a simple game and the ball is central to a players game understanding and development. I believe in developing players to be skillful, creative thinkers and effective decision makers through ball mastery and rondo. I believe, Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed, also known as ABCs are keynote skills in football and the foundation of all great athletes and players. I focus on developing these skills from an early age using SAQ activities. I believe players learn and retain more information when enjoying challenging practice, so I design sessions to be enjoyable, intensive and dynamic, with a focus on ABCS.


Dharma Seelan


Self believe is important in what ever you are doing so don't stop whatever you are doing and keep trying.


Khairul Naqib


I strongly believe that fun is the HEART of football. Kids tend to choose football because its fun. My approach is that i will always look to make every session, a fun lesson. I am well aware that certain types of fun will vary depending on the age groups but looking at the worlds best right now, i think they are still having fun.


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