5 Ways to Positively Impact Your Players as a Youth Coach

Team sports are an excellent way to develop both physical skill and social integration of the youth

by Treiner

Posted 4 years ago

5 Ways to Positively Impact Your Players as a Youth Coach

As a youth coach, however, it’s your job to give them the right training for the fundamentals of a sport. It’s also your responsibility to provide them with their first steps in developing their social consciousness.

Alternative ways to coach your team

As the coach of a group of young athletes, you should aim to give them valuable insights not only when it comes to learning the sport but also in interacting with one another. In this article, we’ll share five different ways you can improve your training sessions with your players:

  1. Encourage team bonding

Football is a team sport, and though individual skill can make for flashy moments in a game, it doesn’t win matches. Teamwork is put to the test during an actual game, but you can build on their communication and group dynamics by taking time to hang out outside the field.

Team bonding is an essential part of handling a group of young players. Not only will they see what each other are like outside the field, but they’ll also feel comfortable by being in a safe space. Encourage meet-ups before and after training sessions so that you can relax and have a good time with your young players after a gruelling day on the field.

  1. Be open to your players

When players are underperforming or if they’re unmotivated during practice, it’s your job as a coach to give them the right space that they need. You should always make them feel that they can reach out to you, even with matters outside of football.

Coaches need a strong connection with their players so that they can communicate with them properly. Let them know that you’re open to discussing things both on and off the field as this is an effective way to positively impact your players.

  1. Keep things competitive

Young athletes love to stay ahead of each other. This is why friendly competition amongst teammates is the best way to see themselves grow better as a unit.

Practice competitions are essential to make them get a feel of playing against someone on the field. You can also raise their productivity during training by making drill sets in different groups competing against a goal or a time limit.

  1. Learn their individual skills

Football is a complex sport with different roles meant for specific individuals. Players who are just starting out may not be decided yet on what position they want to train for in the long run.

As someone who’s more experienced, your players will look up to you and your opinion of their play styles. You should take note of their performance not just in the roles that they’re in, but also in seeing where their individual strengths are.

  1. Promote positivity

When a player makes an impressive feat, even if it’s in practice, you should always recognise and reward their efforts. Positive feedback and attention goes a long way in making them feel that they’re progressing in their role in the team.

Recognising one player’s milestone should also be a team achievement. This allows them to be proud of their teammate while at the same time, encouraging them to push themselves further. Instead of rewarding just one player for their milestone, treat the entire group to a reward so that they can feel the bond of growing together as a team.


Managing a group of young athletes can be tough, especially if you’re used to working with professionals. The key to training young athletes is putting yourself in their shoes and realising what type of guidance they need, both on and off the field.

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