Starting your own football business - Part 1 of a 6 part blog series

Over the next 6 weeks, we will be presenting to you a 6-part blog email series designed to assist you in various matters such as tips on how to start and improve your football coaching business.

by Treiner

Posted 3 years ago

Starting your own football business - Part 1 of a 6 part blog series

At Treiner we are all about helping people achieve their goals. For some, they aspire to develop their own coaching business to pass on their knowledge due to their good playing career, others do it because they didn’t have a good mentor or coach and feel they could do a better job now for a player in a similar scenario. The team at Treiner have identified how you can create your own independent football coaching business with limited marketing & business experience or purchasing an expensive franchise.

Football Coaching Overview:

Sporting industries have recently seen an increased number of former athletes staying involved in their respective sports by giving back to the game through coaching. Coaches are designed to guide and instruct individuals about specific skills to help them achieve their sports performance objectives. Coaches are also responsible for managing practice sessions, analysing players performances and encouraging players to reach their potential through the improvement of specific skills. Sports coaching academies and businesses are continuing to grow as parents seek cost and time-effective alternatives to traditional team and club coaching for their children. Soft skills are not often taught in a club environment, and young players are increasingly struggling with mental health and bullying.

Starting your own coaching business from scratch

Starting your own business with no prior experience can feel scary and overwhelming, but through hard work and dedication you can reap the rewards of starting your own coaching platform in the football industry. Research has demonstrated that the three key ingredients to making a successful coaching business are:

  1. A willingness to learn
  2. A drive to succeed
  3. Passion

Ultimately to begin a business you need connections, and working as a volunteer coach or part-time through various companies can assist in getting your business off the ground. However, if starting a business by yourself is not your cup of tea, investing in a franchise might be for you. This will allow you to receive significant support from other qualified individuals who can assist you in running business procedures.

Develop a business plan and budget prior to starting

You need to develop a clear business plan so you have a good understanding of your industry from a business perspective, and a good understanding of your customers and how to market to them. This can involve brainstorming business names, designing company logos and producing a website that appeals to the target audience . Furthermore, obtain a business licence or registration as required by your local government or state and begin developing elements such as coaching contracts outlining services and expectations and insurance policies to protect your business from external factors affecting survival. Also finalising how you will be taking payments and reporting tax.

Seek out a business coach / mentors

Look at the entrepreneurship facilitators, NEIS Program, or get in touch to see how we can support. The Treiner platform was developed in 2017 to create a strong relationship between athletes and coaches where objective feedback could be given by players, parents and teams to coaches.

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