Alex Chidiac- A true role-model for all aspiring footballers


by Treiner

Posted 3 years ago

Alex Chidiac- A true role-model for all aspiring footballers

Growing up in Australia, it is every footballer’s dream to play at the highest level for both club and country. Children work on their technical prowess and ball skills for hours on end to perfect their game, hoping to generate a career from their talents. For Alex Chidiac, that is a story she knows all too well. After making her debut for the Matildas at the tender age of 16 and now calling Atlético Madrid Femenino home, Alex is beginning to give back to the game she loves in more ways than one.

Alex Chidiac

A footballing resume including nine appearances for Adelaide United in the W-league and playing for the Under-17 Matildas side is one many would be proud of at the end of their careers. Alex Chidiac had already achieved that at the age of 16, and she hasn’t looked back since. After beginning her career plying her trade in the W-league, Alex explored her overseas options and signed with Spanish football powerhouse Atletico Madrid Femenino. Joining one of the biggest leagues in world football, this career move propelled Alex to greater heights. She helped Atletico clinch a fourth Primera Division title and whilst her international career hasn’t risen to similar heights, she is destined to achieve success with the Matildas in future years.

Alex’s journey hasn’t been without adversity however, after seriously injuring her ankle in a training drill in 2019. It’s been a long road building up her strength and fitness after the setback, but she isn’t making any excuses, rather helping others achieve their goals. “We all go through our individual struggles… I didn’t want others to feel the same way. (I) checked in with my teammates more often and listened to what they were going through… it’s nice to be able to support (teammates) in a meaningful way”. Just as Alex returned to the training pitch, the events of COVID-19 put a halt to her recovery. After returning to her homeland in South Australia, Alex has joined the Treiner platform as a coach. Her sessions involve high-intensity training and technical work, focusing on establishing touch and control skills to further a player’s performance. Her wealth of experience is one many developing players would greatly value from.

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