Marketing your Football (Soccer) Coaching Sessions

In the fourth instalment of our 6 part blog series, we will be giving you tips on marketing your coaching sessions to increase bookings.

by Treiner

Posted 3 years ago

Marketing your Football (Soccer) Coaching Sessions

Being able to appeal to clients by marketing your coaching sessions is essential in increasing the number of bookings on your system. By running your own coaching business, you and your staff need to advertise the coaches on your platform in a way that clients will be persuaded to use your service and book sessions. Below we have listed how to market these sessions to increase bookings:

1) Tell potential clients what to expect by using your services: Let your audience know things such as what a typical session looks like? How often coaches are available? & will additional support be provided between sessions to determine progress?

2) People want solutions to their problems: Even though it is difficult to predict the timeframe on when a client will achieve their goals, providing potential clients with success stories and positive outcomes on your platforms will persuade others to use your services.

3) Become an influencer with football coaching booking advice: Once you’ve identified what your clients like and don’t like, start writing blogs with useful tips, create podcasts for such topics, follow relevant football coaching businesses for tips/ideas, and try to create connections with others in similar industries and target groups.

4) Offer more value than your competitors: Your coaching business has to stand out from others so offer elements that others don’t - value your customers. Potentially have coaches track a clients progress, offer video training or virtual training, even provide personal support to customers.

These outlined strategies will allow you to build your client network and receive more paying customers for your sessions. If you are able to demonstrate how you can assist clients in achieving their goals, your business will become successful as trust and reliability is built.

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