Improving communication as a Football (Soccer) Coach

In the fifth instalment of our 6 part blog series, we’re going to be giving you tips on how to improve your internal and external communication of your business, so that financial benefits can be seen to improve survival.

by Treiner

Posted 3 years ago

Improving communication as a Football (Soccer) Coach

Effective communication is incredibly important to handle internal matters and business decisions so that you can efficiently convey services, improvements and policies to both current and new clientele.

Communication can come in two forms known as internal communication where messages are transferred between employees in a company, and external communication involving messages being distributed to those outside the business such as customers, suppliers or investors.

To improve your internal and external communication for your own business, we have identified several ways in which these improvements can take place immediately.

Improving Internal Communication

1) Create internal documentation that employees can follow for reference towards best practices and dealing with clients.

2) Created a clear vision and unified goals: this allows employees to understand what they are working towards and will operate effectively to reach outlined goals.

3) Create strong connections between management and employees: as the owner of the business, make sure that employees queries and concerns are being listened to; it’s been found that when workers are listened to, they will be more motivated to achieve work goals.

4) Lead by example: one of the more important principles. If you want your workers to work collaboratively by sharing information to produce content for your platform, make sure you communicate and work with them.

Improving External Communication

1) Choose specific information to communicate to external parties: choose information you want to transmit from your coaching business to customers, suppliers etc. This could involve writing a blog on recent research of the benefits of private coaching, to therefore persuade customers to use your services.

2) Improve your company’s image: some may not be using your services due to recent poor reviews or bad publicity, so conveying a positive representation of your business is paramount. Examples include organising coaching clinics, giveaways, discounts and collaborating with other academies or agencies.

3) Use of advertising & marketing: plan marketing campaigns or advertising through online and print media to increase your company’s exposure to the business world. This may involve using social media platforms to communicate coaches listed on your system or even using campaigns designed to increase mass participation in football academies.

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