Improving your corporate identity as a Football (Soccer) Coaching Business

In the final instalment of our six-part blog series we will be providing you information on how to increase your football coaching businesses’ exposure to potential clients and customers, who can help project your business in an upward trajectory.

by Treiner

Posted 3 years ago

Improving your corporate identity as a Football (Soccer) Coaching Business

Any organisation’s ability to improve the coverage of their operations in the public eye can bring various benefits to improve revenue and services. The most influential and fundamental way to boost your brand however, is through success. To gain such benefits, certain operations can be undertaken:

  1. Use your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to boost your business through continual posting and paid ads which persuade potential clients to use your services.

  2. Place ads in newspapers and magazines (both print and online) or on radio to increase your businesses exposure to the public eye: A cheaper option could be running clinics through local stores or clubs; marketing doesn’t have to be expensive!

  3. Develop a blog section on your website or social media’s to show off your coaches expertise and specialisations which would appeal to clients needs.

  4. Consider speaking at webinars, workshops and conferences to allow others to understand what your services provide.

  5. Turn your coaches into ambassadors: use the coaches on your platform to expose your services to their many followers online and friends, who will share what your platform does through word-of-mouth.

  6. Lastly, create an attractive website and materials that will keep your company brand on the lips of many members of the public. You want to create a lasting impression on clients who will use your services again and recommend others to jump on board. Remember quality content is better than quantity.

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