Return to training guide- 15 social distancing drills

We have compiled 15 social distancing drills to help coaches and players stay football focused during this pandemic. These drills can also be used once social distancing measures are relaxed.

by Treiner

Posted 3 years ago

Return to training guide- 15 social distancing drills

Hotbox passing and receiving drill

Duration: 15 Mins Equipment: Cones, Footballs


Overview: The hot-box passing and receiving soccer drill focuses on small group and individual passing and receiving skills.

Set up: Create a box approximately 3 yards by 3 yard. Set two codes approximately 5- 7 yards on either side of the box. One player starts in the box and the other two players start at the two cones on either side of the box.

Run of play: A player on the side of the box passes to the working player as they make a check run to the ball. The working player receives the pass, turns around the training stick back into the middle of the box.The working player then passes the ball between the training sticks to the player on the opposite side of the box. The working player makes a check run outside the box towards the player they made the pass.The side player returns the ball to the working player in the middle.The working player then receives the ball, turns around a different training stick and returns back into the box. They then pass to the other player and the pattern repeats. Switch every 1 minute allowing players time to work at full pace and rest.


1) To make the drill more difficult, tighten the grid and limit the number of touches to receive and turn.

2) To make the drill a bit easier, make the area larger.

Coaching points:

1) Crispy first touch.

2) Good fluid movement after the first touch.

3) Crispy pass back to the stationary players.

4) Side players need to be moving and shouldn't be simply standing around.

Drill Focus:

1) Passing

2) Receiving

T-Cone Dribbling Drill

Duration: 15 mins Equipment: Cones, Footballs


Overview: The T-Cone soccer dribbling drill is a great drill to focus on dribbling with speed, controlled touches, turns, and fitness.

Set up: Set up four cones approximately 5 meters apart in the shape of the letter T. Two players at the T-Cones with one ball at the base of the T. One player will rest while the other player is working. Create multiple T-Cone setups to allow the entire team to participate.

Run of play:

1)The first player starts at the base of the T and dribbles around the middle-top cone and cuts to the right-top cone.

2)He then dribbles around the right-top cone and cuts towards the top-left cone.

3)He then dribbles around the middle-top cone and returns to the starting cone.

4)He then dribbles around the bottom cone and continues with the same pattern again.

5)Repeat this same pattern for 1 minute each and rotate players.


1)Limit the type of dribbling: Right foot, Left Foot, Bottom of the foot

2)No ball, but make the players sprint. Have them facing forward only, so they will need to sprint forward, shuffle, and backpedal.

Coaching points:

1)Close touches

2)Dribble with speed

3)Tight turns around the cones

Drill Focus:


2) Fitness

Triangle Combination Passing Drill

Duration: 15 Mins Equipment: Cones, Footballs


Overview: This passing drill focuses on combination play in a small area. You can concentrate on the pace of the pass, angle of the pass, the weight of the pass, timing of the runs before and after the pass, one-two’s, and movement.

Set up: Create a triangle about 10 meters a side. Place a player on each cone about 2 meters outside the triangle. You will only need 1 ball per triangle. Create multiple triangles according to the number of players you have. You can also place additional players at the starting position and have them rotate through each cone and return to the back of the line. Just be sure not to have too many players in line where they are waiting too long to play.

Run of play:

1) Player 1 passes to player 2 on the outside of the cone.

2) 2 returns the player to 1.

3) Player 2 opens up and receives the pass from 1 on the opposite side of the cone. Player 2 now plays to 3 on the outside of the cone and the play continues around the 3 cones.

Variations: Switch the direction of the play to focus on different angles of passing.

Coaching points:

1)Pace, angle, weight of the pass

2)Timing of the runs before and after the pass One-two’s

3)Good fluid movement keeping the body under control

Drill Focus:



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