How can you prepare for football trials in 2021?

This year has been a frustrating year for people on multiple fronts. For us in the football world it meant having a restricted season and in Victoria’s case, a completely cancelled season. So how do you get back in shape in time for the 2021 season?

by Treiner

Posted 3 years ago

How can you prepare for football trials in 2021?

The pandemic has left many without much practice for most of the year which can lead to some rustiness. The question is, how can we best get back in shape as restrictions in Victoria begin to ease? Thankfully at we have a variety of different options that can cater to varying training requirements to help to prepare for trials for next season.

As mentioned, there is a bit of uncertainty about how local sport will look over the next few months as Victoria ease Covid restrictions. We expect that by the end of the month, the restrictions would be eased to allow a coach to be able to coach up to ten people at once, with the next step coming a month after that.

For those looking towards trials over the next few weeks for next season, the plan should be to get back into football as soon as possible. Without having the season to play competitively, players will be lacking in match fitness as well as the general touch that comes along with playing competitively. Often however, players over doing it which leads to training injuries as a result of not managing their fatigue. This is where getting into contact with one of our coaches can help prepare a plan where players can gradually find their touch and football fitness back before club training & matches can begin. They can even go to the extent of booking into small groups to let out the competitive juices that have built up. This will be a good way to ease back into things until larger groups are permitted in November, depending on your state and areas restrictions. Whilst trials have begun or are beginning soon, with most states completing their impacted season, they are yet to begin in Victoria with the expected timeframe being late this year/early next year.

The trials can vary from age group to age group and also the standard of the team that you're trying out for. For junior representative teams it involves excelling players getting nominated by their respective clubs and going through multiple stages of cuts until a final squad is picked. With NPL teams it usually involves scouts finding talented players and inviting them to train with the club. This is where coaches can see if they fit into their team rather than holding large scale trials. This is how Sydney FC’s academy recruits its young players. This is more aligned with how recruitment is for professional clubs where their scouts pick stand out players rather than openly have trials. When selecting these kids, the coaches not only look at the players skill but their ability to adapt to situations on the pitch. They also like to see players who show resilience when facing challenges and their ability to overcome those challenges. This proves to the coaches that the players have to correct character to play at higher levels.

One of our most recommended coaches, Kogulan Sabaratnam has helped nurture young and aspiring footballers for 10 years with specific programs to help aid their development. His programs have seen some players go onto higher honours with many playing at NPL level. The most notable name to come from his programs is Bradley Chick, who has played for the Australian u18 team. Bradley is currently in the United States, plying his trade in the US College system. Kogu is flexible with the types of programs that he can offer, whether it be 1 on 1 or a larger group session. At this time it could be a good idea for players needing a tune up on their skills to book in some sessions with him where they can prepare for squad trials. To see some testimonials on Kogu’s work and book a session, head to our website

For those in NSW, we are fortunate to be able to have A-League champion and current Western Sydney Wanderers star Daniel Georgievski as a coach . Daniels experiences playing at the top level is a huge bonus for those looking to take the next step. His experiences playing overseas and knowing what is required to get there is hugely beneficial in his ability to guide players. We also have former A-League player Kaine Sheppard available for those in Melbourne, who looks at both the technical and physical aspect of players' games.

There can even be benefits for those playing at the highest level with some 1 on 1 coaching that works on some weaknesses in players' games. During his struggles in his final season at Melbourne City where he was told to train away from the first team squad, Bruno Fornaroli sought out a private coach to stay on top of his game(Stoll 2020). This goes to show no matter what your ability is, there is always room to improve your game if you have the right mindset.

For those that are interested feel free to have a look through our coaches at and for those with upcoming trials, good luck and hopefully we will see your names in squads across Australia for 2021.

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