LeftMid by Clevernation

Are you looking to Streamline your team's communication or looking to improve your skills based online? LeftMid may be the best option for you!

by Jesse Webster

Posted 2 years ago

LeftMid by Clevernation

LeftMid app by Clevernation encompasses everything that any player, manager or club would need to succeed further in football. Many clubs don’t have an online presence for players to further develop their skills and learn and LeftMid helps create that online presence for clubs and players as it allows for multiple activities and player/team stats to be recorded to gain a greater understanding of where players and managers need more improvement. The player rating card feature creates a great improvement guide and a fun way for players to improve their skills whilst also being able to be assessed by managers on performance.

Football players have always looked up to professional players as they want to emulate the skill and presence that professionals have on the field. LeftMid’s player rating card taps into this mindset through the activities and skills that players can develop through the app. A player’s rating card starts at 30 skill points for all attributes when signed up to LeftMid and as activities are recorded and completed, depending on the intensity and activity completed, their skill points will increase on their rating card. This generates increased motivation from players as they have something to improve when training through the app. It also promotes greater engagement and can truly help players become focused on improving their skills.

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The activities section on LeftMid is also a great way for players and managers to track and improve individual conditioning. It allows users to record and add multiple activities that they have completed through the app. Many activities are included in the app including stretches, warm-ups and physical drills that are accompanied by a video showing how to complete each task. This is a great component of the app as it allows for players to track the drills and activities that help them improve their skills, whilst also a great way for players to improve their player rating card which can help managers easily understand where the players are at in terms of their development and areas where they might need improvement.

Whilst LeftMid’s activity sections’ great range of exercises and stretches can benefit all players in the development of their physical and mental skills, it can also help teams to improve their overall standing in the league they participate in as it allows for a greater in-depth understanding of where each player is at, whereas, clubs that are not using the app, might not have the information that LeftMid provides managers and players.

Communication is one of the key areas that clubs and teams can struggle with as they might not have an online presence for communicating to players and managers. LeftMid allows managers and players communicate to with each other through private messages and posts. This can benefit a whole organisation as it allows for multiple people to communicate about changes such as administration work, training times and areas of improvement.

As many clubs struggle to get information to players and managers, especially with the ongoing uncertainty of restrictions surrounding sports, having a great communication streamline is integral to a club’s operation to ensure that the correct information is being spread across the club. The addition of the communication section to the app has ensured that players and managers have an open setting to be able to communicate with each other to assist in the development of the club and players.

LeftMid also allows for managers to be able to assess the structure of their team through using the rating cards that each player has. With player rating cards tracking progress through activities being completed and game statistics, managers can use this information when creating training outlines, whilst also being able to use the information for team selection. This is a great tool that has been created as it provides information about a players improvement that might not have been identified before using LeftMid. This enables managers and clubs to understand where the players and teams are at in their development.

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The app can also help motivate players to improve as they can see how their teammates are progressing and whereabouts they lie in the team’s overall performance. Using this app can greatly benefit any team, manager and player as it has information that can greatly benefit all parties.

LeftMid provides football organisations with a unique way to understand multiple levels of development while also providing a great and easy way of communication between players and managers. The variety of functions including the player rating card, activity tracker, and the ability to insert player game statistics provide managers with a greater understanding of where players need more improvement whilst providing players with a great and interactive way to improve and communicate with their team. Using LeftMid can help clubs create an online presence that can help increase membership, while also allowing clubs to be able to identify what their strengths are and where they might need to branch out to improve on the field.

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