Private Training for 2020-21 International Competition Players

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by Jesse Webster

Posted 2 years ago

Private Training for 2020-21 International Competition Players

Have you ever played a football game and noticed how a teammate or perhaps an opponent has a specific skill that seems to be much more developed than the rest? Whether it be their passing ability, dribbling speed or striking technique, you are often left in awe of a specific skill of a player. This is because every player is different, and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses in a game. We sometimes like to think that they are genetically gifted, but the truth is there are countless hours spent perfecting certain elements of the game to become a better player. This is where the benefit of private coaching sessions comes to the forefront where players can have personalized training sessions designed to accommodate their skill set outside of a club or school training environment.

Skill Training

Group or club training sessions are often a great way to test your basic technique against opponents in a game-like situation. Going over the fundamentals and ensuring that the core elements of this great game can be met by the entire team. But private coaching sessions can provide that extra edge that every soccer player needs when looking to make that next big step. And it’s not just the grassroots players that benefited from such training, professionals all across the globe took part as a way to get the extra edge and flair in their game as they prepared for some of the biggest tournaments in 2020-21.

What comes to mind of players when they think of private coaching? Gruelling early morning cardio sessions or weight sessions in the middle of the night? This simply isn’t the case when it comes to private coaching. To get that extra edge, sometimes it’s just getting back to your roots and finding that love and fun aspect of football again. No one does this better than Amel Zola also known as Lazola Coach, who has been working with some of the biggest names in football. Zola believes that sometimes players simply need something a little bit different from their club training, they need to be reminded that exercise can be fun which can often be forgotten when playing in such a stressful environment ^1. Nicholas Pepe was one of these players who sought Lazola Coach after being signed by Arsenal and looking to firmly cement a spot in their side. Pepe developed a positive mindset and enjoyed several fun and high energy sessions together throughout their private training sessions. After such an impressive 2020-21 with the club, he was recently awarded a place in the UEFA Europa League Squad of the Season after scoring three goals in both the group and knockout stages of the tournament ^2. Getting back to enjoying football might be the best way for you to take your game up another level.

Amel Zola and Nicholas Pepe Left: Amel Zola - Right: Nicholas Pepe

Players want many different things out of private training sessions but James Ralph, a personal training coach of several Premier League, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga players believes the number one thing that players ask him for is to work on their explosiveness, to be able to produce and absorb force faster and to hit those high speeds ^3. Denzel Dumfries is one of these players who has been working on their speed and explosiveness specifically since 2018 after hiring a specialist coach. After coming from a small league eight years ago to a professional level now he was fortunate enough to be given a chance to represent his country at the EURO 2020 championships ^4. Dumfries made the most of his opportunity as one of the most exciting players of the tournament, scoring in both of their first games and showing incredible pace throughout big game moments ^5. As a result, Netherlands made it through to the Round of 16 before going down to the Czech Republic 2-0. From battling for a spot in the side to one of the stars of the tournament, expect to see the name Denzel Dumfries producing great highlights in international competitions for years to come.

You might be thinking to yourself though ‘I can’t have private coaching, there are also no coaches in my area?’ And you might be right, some areas have limited to no coaches on your local block or a coach with the acquired skills just down the road. However, private training coaches are adapting to make sure no matter where you are you can still get the training every player deserves. Especially with the recent COVID pandemic, many players have been forced into isolation or have had their travel restricted. Coach Tulia Horta is one of these coaches who have adapted and has continued his teaching online via video calls. Working with Manchester’s Frederico Rodrigues de Paul Santos (Fred), Tulia has managed to turn Fred’s game around after years as a fringe player in 2018, his extra efforts outside of training with Tulia Horta have left him as the clear cut choice for the right-back position for Manchester United ^6. Fred was a key contributor to Brazil’s efforts in making it through to Sunday’s Copa America final against Argentina which sadly ended in a 1-0 defeat ^7. Although I’m sure Fred would like to do one better in his next major tournament, it’s time to get back to work with Tulia and continue to further work on his performance.

Written by: Ben Morrow

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