Impact Grassroots And Community Coaches Have On Players

Let’s continue to provide opportunities for future generations of players so they can reach their full potential.

by Jesse Webster

Posted 2 years ago

Impact Grassroots And Community Coaches Have On Players

I hope this reaches all school, community club & grassroots coaches. The ones who sacrifice their time which could alternatively be spent with loved ones or friends. The ones who set their alarm to wake up an extra 30 minutes earlier to plan the afternoon’s session before Sunday’s big game. Even the ones that get paid the equivalent of $2 per hour.

It’s a true testament to your character, to be able to put the needs of the up and coming football stars of the future ahead of your own. As a busy adult dealing with the various curve balls that life throws at you, to be able to put your hand up and be the coach of a young group, I personally thank you. Those with young families at home, even more so.

Registered Coaches

With limited resources often at your disposal and dozens of kids to look after it’s a true shame that when individual performance expectations are not met that the blame can be shifted to you. It’s because of this, as a personal coach myself and someone who has mentored many others, I find it strange that many club coaches in the community turn their heads when hearing of their players seeking additional coaching outside of their own. We are not competitors, fighting for more players to teach all to our own. We are but partners, sharpening the skills of players through personal coaching before implementing these skills in a specific style for matchday.

Although this might seem a little unorthodox, I want you to picture the perfect scone. What does it look like? Perhaps you envisioned a puffy scone topped with delicious jam and a dollop of cream? Now picture the scone without one of the ingredients, just jam or just the cream. What would your Nan say? It simply just isn’t as good without all the ingredients. This is the same scenario for football coaching. The club coach complements the personal coach and the personal coach complements the club coach. These days, players don’t train enough on their own, and the culture and lifestyle mean that few head down to the park with friends to kick a ball. Losing the Australian backyard has meant losing the ability to knock a ball around with family as well.


Let’s continue to provide opportunities for future generations of players so they can reach their full potential. Whether their goal is to play senior level, in their hometown, or captain the Socceroos or Matildas, let’s be there for them both on and off the field.

Continue to do great things and don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back. Without you and your contributions, this great game would simply not be the same. When it’s finally time for you to hang up your own boots, take the time to think about all those who scored their first goal or won their first game.

Thank you and Kind Regards.

Written By Ben Morrow

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