Michael Lappas

Michael Lappas

$50 - $60 per hour

Highest Qualification Community
Years Coaching 5
Age Groups Coached 2-4 years, 4-6 years, 6-9 years, 9-12 years
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Michael Lappas

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An understanding and demonstrating awareness of: health and safety issues of Football coaching, physical capabilities of young players, social impact and growth of young players, responsibility as a Football Leader, planning, organising and leading training sessions.

Session Types

About Coach

I don't describe myself as a coach but my mission is to develop and encourages individuals to realise or discover their potential.

Started at the age of 6 with Millner Primary School and with Nightcliff High School in Junior Education, while incorporating speed into my game from Athletics. U14 and U15 NT Sprint Champion. As a parent of a boy and girl I started their development at an early age by introducing a Soccer ball into their life. I'm a volunteer Coach at Knox City FC since 2016.

Warm up, Skills and Drills, 1v1, Passing and Turning with the Ball, Mini Games.
Session Part One consists of Warm up with an introduction to a skill.
Part Two consists of 1v1 with an emphasis on the skill and
Part Three a Mini Game to practise to test the skill in a Game situation and where the real fun is.