Debbie Yu

Debbie Yu

$50 - $60 per hour

Highest Qualification Community
Years Coaching 5
Age Groups Coached 6-9 years, 9-12 years, 12-15 years
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Debbie Yu

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My approach to coaching is always fun filled coaching style so that players come back every session. What motivates me is to share the sport that I love and share it with the next generation.

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In football there are key skills the players need to master which is passing, dribbling and ball mastery. Along with some 1v1. Once players get these skills mastered then we can go on with the more advanced game training component. More importantly it’s about making drills and sessions fun. Fun so that the players will come back time and time again and fall in love with the sport.

I have been playing for all my life. Since primary school until now. It’s all about playing games testing skills and making mistakes during games. That’s how you learn. Recently I took up the position of playing goal keeping outdoor and i love the challenge being a keeper gives me.

What drives me as a coach is seeing players improving and enjoying the game with a smile on their face and laughing.

An average session will be starting with a warm up, then passing drill and some game based drills that will make the fun component along with some skill based work.

The main aim is to make football fun for all so that it can be enjoyable for all.