Akshat Singh

Akshat Singh

$40 - $50 per hour

Highest Qualification None
Years Coaching 2
Age Groups Coached 9-12 years, 12-15 years, 16-20 years
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Akshat Singh

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I approach coaching with the utmost professionalism, as I enjoy seeing footballers reach their full potential. My main goal as a coach is to aid a player's development, especially with their technique which is very important to have when starting football and also within the early stages of a player's career.

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About Coach

My coaching style is more of the progressive kind, I want to be able to guide players specifically on their positions on the field and attempt to improve small things within their game that needs improvement. It is important for players to practice outside of their club as much as possible, as it can aid in improving things that may not be addressed in a team training session.

I recently played in the USA with an NCAA Divison 1 Men's Soccer program.
I currently play football semi-professionally in Australia.

I would want to know more about the player and his needs and areas that they want to improve.
Warm-up is essential with ball work like short-range/long-range passing, ladder work, stretching/activation.

The sessions planned after the warm-ups would be position based; for example, for a winger, we would work on finishing from a number of areas in and around the box, different types of crossing/service from wide areas, attacking 1on1 dribbling, effective skills in 1on1s, and many more aspects that can be improved for a winger.

For an 8/6/10 or any midfielder; areas to focus on during the session would be passing range, scanning shoulders, 1on1 dribbling defensive training, 1on1 attacking training, finishing drills.

This is what an average session may look like, of course as the player works with me more we can get into more specifics.