Besjan Canaj

Besjan Canaj

$70 - $80 per hour

Highest Qualification B Licence
Years Coaching 10
Age Groups Coached 12-15 years
Checked & Approved
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Besjan Canaj

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I have different approaches,depends age and levels of the players.
Someone wants really improve, someone else wants just a bit of fun.
I'm happy to coach boths.

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My philosophy is simple. Every player must be honest with himself, try to focus properly in things wich want to improve, and try to work hard to get that goal.
Football is a sport, and first must be funny to practice, if is boring, kids will change sport, and teenagers will not be focus 100%.

I'm 33 years old, I used to play as semi pro in Italy and Germany.
I left football when I was 26, because not happy enough about my results.
Start to coach in Italy, after Mexico, UK, and Australia.

Depends age and levels.
Usually I'm trying to combine funny exercises with technique, for young players.
Teenagers and adult we decide together in what skills focus on.