Shane Webb

Shane Webb

$50 - $60 per hour

Highest Qualification Grassroots
Years Coaching 6
Age Groups Coached 9-12 years
Checked & Approved
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Shane Webb

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Key components of a young footballer.
- sound control
- ball mastery
- dribbling
- striking
- movement
- balance
- agility with and without the ball

Young players must be able to master the key components above in order to add to their game. You cannot skip any steps when becoming an aspiring footballer as the the game is so technical with a vast area to learn.
Young players must have a great understanding of the body before they can play the game properly. My jon will identify and correct areas I feel are weak and also focus on strength in order for progression.

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Players need to develop an individual style which will come naturally in their development.
One key point is not to become a robot but play with instinct and confidence. Players need to have the tools to play out of any situation regardless of the position you play on the park. In this era CB normally play as a holding midfielder as a secondary position and wingers for example should be able to play both #7 and #11 this way with both feet, this way the player doesn’t become one dimensional but more unpredictable in his football.

- Played in the old NSL for Marconi and Sydney
- played A league with Newcastle Jets
- Trained with Sydney FC
- Played NPL 1 with a number of title winning clubs.
- Manage a number of Elite football players.

Access the players ability before setting a program to suit the needs. Any area can be educated on. Can answer any questions to enhance the players football knowledge.