Roy Skillen

Roy Skillen

$60 - $70 per hour

Highest Qualification C Licence
Years Coaching 10
Age Groups Coached 9-12 years
Checked & Approved
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Roy Skillen

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I look to help kids reach their full potential and fully believe that this should be by working players to both their physical and mental limits.

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I fully believe in making sure kids have all of the attributes needed to make it as a pro. There is no point in coaching them how to play out from the back etc if they can't pass with both feet over various distances. There is no point in teaching kids how to get themselves into one on one situations with defenders if they don't have the tools, confidence, and balance to turn that defender to either side. I also believe that the mental side of the game is just as, if not more important than having born and bred talent. It's because of this I look to harness the ideas of flow stacking to make training addictive and thus grow a deep passion learning the game.

I have coached from ages 4 - 12 for the past ten years at both community and NPL level.

Training should be both physically and mentally tough and thus mentally and physically rewarding. I will use various games that include visual and audio cues to stretch both technique and mental capacity. Games will be times and scored so that players have instant feedback on their progress which is one of the key factors for inducing focus and the neurochemical state known as flow.