Sagar Malhotra

Sagar Malhotra

$50 - $60 per hour

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Years Coaching 4
Age Groups Coached 6-9 years, 9-12 years, 12-15 years, 16-20 years
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Sagar Malhotra

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My idol as a coach is the Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. I follow his footsteps and ways of managing players. I believe a personal approach makes players comfortable and work for the team and give all they have for it. Compassion, empathy, motivation and a smile are my keys to do wonders with a player. I like coaching since I want to learn about different players and their experiences and then formulate ways to improve myself. I believe players make a team good and a manager even better. If I am able to work with this company I'll not only put in all I have, but develop new skills everyday. I believe its always good to talk about positives from a training session or a game and work hard the next time to improve on the shortcomings.

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Coach/guru signifies someone who is believed to be the person to enlighten others about a specific skill. As a coach I make sure my players and my team learn various soccer skills as well as know the importance of abstract attributes like hard work, perseverance and determination. I have managed a lot of age groups and hence I believe that every player is different, but the common things with all of them is the sport. I like handling player grievances personally and give them a personal feedback, but the appreciation should be for all players and in front of the team. Winning or loosing is an important attribute of sport but I prefer a give all you have approach and make sure the players don't disappoint themselves. Even if they do, I'll be there because they never walk alone.

I have played semi professional football in India with two clubs Titans FC and Auric Fc at the Premier Sports League in New Delhi. I have represented my school football team at two national football tournaments with a third place finish in one. I have three medals in the intra university football championship in my under grad university representing my department. As a coach I started working with my department team, winning the first gold medal in its history. I worked as a coach for U-13s at East Bentleigh Soccer club and continue working with the club. Currently I teach at Trinity Grammar School as a soccer coach for 10 the grades. I have taken 6 session at the grassroot level for U-8 kids at Little Kickers. I am ready to learn and experience more with an aim to get better day by day.

For me the most important part is the warm up. It is very important to be all set to learn and practice new skills, but it is even more important to be conditioned and make your body ready for a training session with a nice and interactive warm up. Players can expect me to humorous as well as motivating because I would share a lot of my footballing experiences in my training sessions. At times younger players are not in the mood to play and are tired from school, then I make my session interesting with different games for warm up. I do not compromise on the players learning and make sure they learn new skills on a daily basis without forgetting the older ones. Parents needn't worry, their kids will be in safe hands with me as I myself have been a player and was coached well during my times.