Dylan Watson

Dylan Watson

$60 - $70 per hour

Highest Qualification C Licence
Years Coaching 7
Age Groups Coached 16-20 years
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Dylan Watson

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My coaching summary is very simple, I never try to over complicate the situation or scenarios with too much information. I keep the session basic and look to focus on one topic at a time whilst paying attention to detail.

So for example in my team sessions I may decide to run a 6 week cycle of plying out from the back whilst also trying to press the ball as to compliment each other and add variety to my sessions. So I can work on the back line whilst also working with my attackers as well.

In my 1 on 1 sessions, I will look to gain an understanding on what the player wants to work on and tailor make a session to suit. For example, you’re not going to run a shooting session designed for a CB who needs to work on their body shape and one on one defending.
Along with my exercise and health science degree I focus on an element of muscle activation and correct technique, tailoring football related strength and conditioning exercises into my session plans.

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My philosophy is very much a simple approach to football, I like to play a stock standard 4-3-3 working heavily on the shape of the back 4 and role of the wing backs.
I like to let my front 3 express themselves and focus on overlapping and underlapping runs in the final third of the pitch to create space and draw defenders away.
My midfielders need to be work horses, whilst being able to defend, create space and recycle the football.
I have a strong emphasis on demanding respect and a high level of physical fitness from my players. Fatigue leads to mistakes in my eyes so the fitter we can get our players the better.

My career has included playing in the NPL for teams such as UNSW and Dunbar Rovers for first grade, I also attended Bryan College in America on a football scholarship for 5 years.
Stock standard Centre Back but I’ve also had experience playing a number of different positions.

In terms of coaching I began my career coaching grassroots level for Dunbar Rovers, before coaching elite junior teams in America. Upon returning to Australia I’ve coached at the NPL level for junior football, and currently coach the Dunbar rovers under 18’s.

The athlete will undergo a certain football methodology training session under me. The philosophy was created in Brazil where the players gets put through an activation warm up process, to prevent muscle injury, increase body awareness, improve speed & agility, and strength and conditioning which is all football related.
From there we evolve the session and focus on key areas of the game in which the client wants to improve on. This will range from a number of different conditioning exercise with the football.
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