Anthney Naveen

Anthney Naveen

$50 - $60 per hour

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Years Coaching 1
Age Groups Coached 16-20 years, 20-30 years
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Anthney Naveen

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As an Exercise Science Student, data collection and analysis is greatly important to me. The difference between results of clients Testing-In and Testing-Out is what motivates me as a coach, to push my clients to the best of of their abilities. In addition, my enthusiasm in the field of Performance Enhancement, motivates me to become a better coach as there is always new methods and research to help athletes strive.

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About Coach

The game we used to play 10-20 years ago has changed! It is now a game that requires great athletisicm, power and strength in order to achieve the final result, Goals.
My philosophy aims to develop players into Athletes. Dont get me wrong, skill is still an important factor of the game, my training aims to combine athletic development, conditioning and football specific drills to mimic scenarios experienced in a game situation.

- Exercise Science (Sport Practice) Student
- Intern at Preston Lions FC High Performance Team, managing Reserves and Seniors Squads
- Selected for Australian Futsal Squad (U16) in 2016
- State (VIC) Representative (U16) in 2015
- Played at various National Premier League (NPL) Clubs

- Warm up
- Injury Prevention
- Pre activation
First and last session: Testing (10m, 20m and Balsom Agility Testing)
- Athletic Development (Power+Speed+Agility)
- Either Sport specific Conditioning or Game scenario drills
- Cool Down