Treiner Chats – In conversation with…Dylan Murphy

In our latest interview blog, Treiner’s media spoke to co-founder of Wagner and Woolf (W&W) Dylan Murphy, who shared his insights into our collaboration, the US College football pathway, notable success stories, and much more.

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Posted 3 years ago

Treiner Chats – In conversation with…Dylan Murphy

W&W provide specialised recruitment services for elite athletes who are looking to combine athletic and academic opportunities in the United States of America.

Headquartered at Santa Barbara, California, they run offices in Newcastle (Australia) and Halle (Germany). Boasting a 250-strong network of partner universities in the USA, they are currently working with over 120 athletes from 13 countries.

Dylan is a former Newcastle Jets youth player, who excelled through a Division 1 NCAA football scholarship with the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). After graduating from UCSB in 2015 with a degree in Political Science and Government, he co-founded W&W with Robert Wagner, another scholar-athlete who is an alumnus of the Carson-Newman University and the California State University, San Bernardino.

Treiner’s partnership with W&W kicked off in 2019, and has since flourished with the successful placement of several Australian players to the American shores.

Involvement of Treiner co-founder and former Melbourne City youth coach Kogulan Sabaratnam and New Zealand Football Ferns’ player Aimee Phillips (who is also a Treiner coach and W&W’s ‘Head of Women’s Football’), has been a notable cornerstone for player placements. This includes Melburnian and Australia U/18s’ international Bradley Chick (currently with the University of Akron), and former Belconnen United Coaches’ Player of the Year awardee Finn Jurak (goalkeeper for the Oakland University Golden Grizzlies).

Here's what Dylan had to say…

# On the origin story of Wagner & Woolf (W&W)

I decided to partner with Robert Wagner and start W&W in 2016 in California. We both thought that the recruitment companies had done a very poor job, and wanted to broaden opportunities for elite players who had been largely left out of the College system in our respected countries.

# On how W&W is unique

We offer a lot more transparency and honesty in the process, and have a very strong reputation here in the United States. We have placed more than 100 athletes into Division 1 programs in the last few recruitment classes, which is very rare among companies.I was fortunate enough to play at a top Division 1 program here in the US, which really helped our organisation build trust amongst coaching staff around the country.

# On the W&W success stories

We focus on elite athletes, and last year we were fortunate enough to assist 30 players from the Youth Bundesliga in Germany transition into the US college system in 2020. In Australia, we have also been excited to assist over 20 athletes with caps for Australia at youth national team levels, as well as other talented players from the National Youth League (NYL) and the National Premier Leagues (NPL) systems.

# On the average experience of a college player in the US and the competition

It is a fantastic four years athletically, academically and as an opportunity for unforgettable experiences with other like-minded athletes from around the world. It is very competitive [as well]. Players released from top clubs in Europe are now looking at coming to college as an opportunity to gain an education, live abroad, and train and compete in professional full-time environments.

# On having role models such as Kogulan and Aimee with Treiner

Both Kogu and Aimee have been fantastic mentors for young players Australia-wide. We are proud to be associated with both of them. They really have the athletes’ best interests at heart, and understand the opportunity for the athletes to play and compete in an elite environment, while also studying and experiencing life abroad in the United States as a young athlete.

# On his advice for young Australians aspiring to play in the US College football environment

My advice would be to really think about setting themselves up for development opportunities on and off the pitch. If an athlete does not have a multi-year professional offer from a club, I would strongly advise them to look into the US college pathway. The professional leagues here in the United States are growing. But there is also the opportunity to gain an education, and create opportunities and memories that will last a lifetime.

To know more about how you can benefit from Treiner’s partnership with W&W, please contact us here. W&W are looking at the top-tiered Australian youth players who have played in the NYL or been part of an A-League Academy, the Australian national youth teams, or top NPL teams. For NPL1, NPL2 or NPL3 players, there are still opportunities in the College system and we are working with a variety of other partners.

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