New Profile Features

Treiner is adding Features to help create your digital coaching portfolio.

by Jesse Webster

Posted 2 years ago

New Profile Features

Treiner has been leading the football coaching marketplace scene in Australia and New Zealand since 2016 and has created a great online platform for football players to select and learn from a coach that can help guide and enhance their talent or specific skill. Through this time, Treiner has allowed coaches to bid on job posts, upload and promote camps that they are running, and create and post blog posts that might benefit all players.

Treiner is introducing many different features that will greatly benefit coaches and players alike including adding coaching courses, selling their session plans, courses, and physical products, adding coaching certificates to their profile and adding videos of their sessions to their profile. By adding these new features, Treiner will help players and coaches further their careers and help coaches create a digital coaching portfolio that can open further coaching opportunities.

Coaching courses are an essential requirement for coaches to excel in their coaching aspirations. Adding courses to the Treiner platform will greatly increase the number of opportunities for coaches in their careers and provide more options for players to train or improve on a specific skill or area. The importance of accessibility of coaching courses is shown through Finland’s head coach Markku Kanerva. He states that he does not want coaches to be like him because it can compromise game strategies^1 which helps understand the need for easily accessible courses as there would be more opportunities to learn, which will create new ways to coach and improve a player’s skill.

Markku Kanerva

Treiner is looking to add courses to the platform and is looking for feedback on what types of courses should be added and whether coaches would want to add their own courses to their Treiner profile. If you have any recommendations that you would like to provide for the new coaching course feature, please contact Treiner or fill out this Form.

The importance of creating a digital portfolio for coaches is significant as it allows coaches to easily keep all their coaching materials in the one place for potential suitors to access easily^2. Treiner is introducing features that will help coaches create a digital portfolio, including selling sessions, courses, and physical products. Coaches would be able to sell their sessions directly from the Treiner platform which will help coaches reach new clients.

Having the option to sell coaching materials greatly benefits all people in the Treiner community as coaches will be able to create different pathways and methods for their coaching style, whilst players, clubs and schools will be able to easily access materials that will help them improve their skills even after their session has finished. Adding features such as these will help improve Treiner’s platform for coaches as there will be more information for players to decide on which coach they might want to help them improve certain skills, whilst also being able to visually see what coaches are offering in terms of a session.

Coaches learning

Currently, Treiner’s profile system allows for coaches to add a qualification into their profile but does not allow certificates of those qualifications to be uploaded onto coach profiles for players to see. Treiner will be adding this important feature onto the platform as it allows coaches to stand out in terms of being able to physically show their experience in the coaching field.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) released the results of a study finding out whether or not coaching certificates were an important factor when choosing a coach or team. 84% of responders stated that they base their decision on what coach they want on the experience and certifications that the coach has^3. This shows that the introduction of certificates will greatly impact the number of coaching opportunities available to individual coaches and helps understand what players want in a coach.

In addition to the previously stated new features, Treiner will also be looking to add a feature that allows coaches to upload videos to their profile to help create a greater coaching portfolio. With this new feature, coaches would be able to upload videos of their sessions for players to look back on to make sure they have the correct technique or if they need to back on a specific drill. This will greatly benefit both coach and player as it will allow for coaches to adapt their coaching style and might help players learn in different ways than what they are used to.

Ryan Groom completed a study that examines the effectiveness of incorporating videos into coaching styles. Through his research, he found that there were many benefits for both coaches and players including players improving their critical thinking, decision making and confidence, with coaches improving their coaching style, and enhancing their own professional development ^4. With Treiner adding this to their platform, it shows that they are committed to helping improve all aspects of players and coaches careers.

Capturing Training

With all of these new features that are being added to the Treiner platform, we can see that Treiner is committed to helping create digital coaching portfolios for all coaches signed up to the website, while also showing that they want to help players improve their skills.

If you would like to find out more about the new features that Treiner is adding to the website, please contact Treiner.

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