New Partnership with upcover

Our new partnership will offer simple, easy and affordable insurance to coaches and trainers using Treiner’s platform.

by Jesse Webster

Posted 2 years ago

New Partnership with upcover

Australia and New Zealand’s biggest football coach marketplace Treiner has launched a new partnership with award-winning insurtech upcover that offers simple, easy and affordable insurance to coaches and trainers using Treiner’s platform.

” We have seen a lot of coaches recently move into coaching privately or setting up their own academies due to covid, but very few actually have insurance and so to protect both parties, we have been working with upcover for the last 2 years to develop the best product for coaches at a great price.” Treiner CEO James Muir said about the partnership.


Insured coaches on the platform will also receive an insured tick of approval - giving players and clients that extra security when booking sessions through the platform.

Creating this partnership will help coaches have a better understanding of what they can do in their sessions and provide them with greater freedom knowing that they will be insured if any accidents or injuries occur during their session. Importantly, this insurance offering can cover not just competition events but sessions completed off-platform with their own club, academy, or school.

Treiner and upcover have worked together over the past 2 years to help develop and offer this insurance policy that is specific for coaches and trainers. This will benefit all coaches who have previously taken out insurance policies for their coaching jobs or are unsure of what needs to be included in their insurance policy.

Treiner currently has almost 4,000 people signed up and using the platform, with multiple sessions undertaken daily over Australia and New Zealand. Treiner’s focus on developing a digital portfolio for coaches so they can have a wider reach for employment from, individuals, clubs and schools will also be benefitted from the partnership with upcover.


Also on the horizon for Treiner is the updating of their platform with the incoming additions of new profile features including adding courses, letting coaches add personal coaching certificates, and allowing for physical items and session plans to be sold through the platform. The partnership with upcover will help Treiner implement these new features by knowing that they will be covered in their implementation of the profile upgrades.

In addition to helping with individually booked sessions, the new partnership with upcover will help ensure that all training camps are fully covered, and will provide both coaches and participants relief knowing that any incidents or injuries are covered.

Securing this partnership will help both parties expand their operations and will help coaches on the Treiner platform by offering them an insurance product tailored to Sports Coaches and Trainers, to help Treiner’s members in all their coaching aspirations.